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Interested in integrating a new technology into your equipment?

Rest assured - our Retrofits & Upgrades team is available to add application capability, capacity, or other technology to your existing Rotoflex and Arpeco machines. Some enhancements available include automatic tension control system, shear knife unit, crush knife unit, razor slitting unit, waste wind up, ironing roller, Genesis-based secure counting and missing label detection system, automatic label inspection system using vision systems with optional “print, barcode, braille, 2D-code inspection” OCR, .pdf to print, variable data inspection and extensive reporting modules.

Our trained specialists have an expertise you will find with no other OEM service group. We know the equipment inside and out. We work closely with our engineers and assemblers and understand the need to integrate advanced technologies to support new objectives. We are the most well-equipped source to provide you with the solutions, guidance and components needed to ensure your existing finishing equipment is what you need it to be.

We offer a variety of enhancements to propel your business forward – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Interested in upgrading your Mark Andy or Comco equipment?